Monday, December 19

Gorgeous, Expressways and The Jones Street Boys at Hold Tight! House
Time: 6PM (for real!) Address: email for exact address. its behind the independent in Tampa All Ages Cost: $2 donation
Gorgeous (Female Fronted Pop Punk from Tallahassee)
Expressways (Tampadelphia Pop Punx)
The Jones Street Boys(2 piece Pop Punk)
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Friday, December 16

Folk Night: Little High Little Low, Redfeather, Hunter and Avery, Halibut at Ramblin' Rose Upcycle
Time: 8PM Address: 683 Central avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 All Ages Cost: $5
Little High Little Low (Gainesville Folk/Bluegrass)
Redfeather (St. Pete Psych/Folk)
Hunter and Avery (St. Pete Soul/Folk)
Halibut (St. Pete Indie/Folk)
For fans of: Folk, Bluegrass, Soul
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Little League, Ink and Sweat, Send Away Strangers and John Allen at the Basement House
Time: 9PM Address: Corner of East James street and Nebraska, Tampa, FL All Ages Cost: $3-5 donation
Little League (amazing cap n jazz worship from tallahassee)
Ink and Sweat (New Tampa punk for fans of Kid dynamite, Dillinger Four, and Lifetime)
Send Away Stranger (new indie/punk from tallahassee)
John Allen (tampa solo shred)

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Monday, December 12

Thou, False, Cloud Rat, Nazi Dust and Faith Addiction at Unit 19
Time: 8PM Address: 5805 North 50th Street, Tampa, FL All Ages Cost: not sure - maybe free?
Thou, False and Cloud Rat all touring
For fans of: doom, sludge, drone metal
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Saturday, December 10

Ceremony, No Friends, Centuries, O'Pioneers and Feral Babies at Transitions Art Gallery
Time: 8PM Address: 4215 East Columbus Drive Tampa, Florida 33605 All Ages Cost: $10
Ceremony (on Bridge Nine/Matador)
No Friends (on No Idea)
O'Pioneers (last Tampa show)
Feral Babies
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Headless Dogs and Volcanic Slut at the Bricks of Ybor

Time: 10PM Address: 1327 E. 7th Ave., Ybor City, FL 33605 All Ages Cost: Free
Headless Dogs

Volcanic Slut
For fans of: Bad Brains, Slayer, metal, hardcore
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Friday, December 9

Heroindod, Scum of the Earth, Ikaruga, Future, Earth Burner at Transitions Art Gallery
Time: 8:30PM Address: 4215 East Columbus Drive Tampa, FL All Ages
(gangsville raw punks)
SCUM OF THE EARTH (fuckin' dance party)
FUTURE (loud as shit 2 piece orlando punx/members of NO QUALMS)
IKARUGA (making yer temples explode)
EARTH BURNER (super heavy/members of FIVE SUNS)
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Wet Nurse and Florida Night Heat at the Bricks of Ybor

Time: 10PM Address: 1327 E. 7th Ave., Ybor City, FL 33605 All Ages Cost: Free
Wet Nurse -
Florida Night Heat -
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Wednesday, December 7

Fatal, Razormaze (MA), Party Time at Fubar
9PM Address: 658 Central Avenue St Petersburg, FL Age restriction: 18 and up Cost: $3
Razormaze (Boston thrash/speed kings gettin' sweet)
Fatal (What? First show since July)
Party Time (Tampa punk/thrash)

For fans of:
Metal, Punk
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Saturday, December 3

Experimental/Noise show in bike path tunnel near Ferg's
Time: 5PM Address: Around Central Ave and between 13th and 16th on the southside of the street Cost: free
Street show of weird and experimental improvisation music. Battery powered, guerrilla noise terrorism. Not affiliated with Ferg's or any establishment.
For fans of: noise, experimental, electronics